About Us

I AM HAIR was started in a Dayton, Ohio by Timmarea Baker. A traveling nurse with only 1000 dollars to invest. Since 2010, before bundles were hot, Timmarea was buying authentic raw hair from Cambodia. In 2018, she decided to start selling hair to meet her goals. I Am Hair was only supposed to be temporary. She had goals to further her nursing degree and open up a few group homes for underprivileged children. And she wanted to do all of this without loans. So for 2 years straight, she did house visits for nursing and delivered hair everyday. She couldn’t believe how fast her business had grown. By the 2nd year, she became so overwhelmed with her hair company. She had to quit nursing. She knew she needed a store front but something unique.

By year 3, she opened up the cutest purple themed hair boutique. I Am Hair had been on many influencers and growing followers by the day. Within 4 years, her company has become a multi million dollar celebrity hair brand worn by many influencers such as Queen Leora (Tik Toc Hair Influencer) Desi dior (rapper) Lakeyah (rapper) Asian Da Brat (rapper) Milano (owner of Milano clothing brand) Vicky Cobb (Hair Mogul Arrogant Tae best friend) Deelishis (flavor of love) Itslovelymeme (wildingout commedian and Atl love and hip hop) Tommie Lee (love and hip hop Atl) Imaslayyobae (owners of gummy glue/ hair mogul) Brittni Mealy ( owner of unicorn universe and ex gf future) Thefadelady (ex girlfriend of rapper The Baby) Andre Cavasier (hair mogul) Ana Montana (model and girlfriend of basketball player Lamelo Ball) Ashley Motley (owner of Tressworld Growth Oil) Jerricha Hoskins (owner of arcani coil care) and many more.